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6 Months Into Year 2011


Hello readers! I haven’t been blogging for half a year and i hope that everything has been going well for you. I just came back from a nice vacation and now fresh and charged to continue growing my business for the rest of the year. So far there are pros and cons, up and downside in any business and i will not deny having experiencing some of the negatives in the first half of the year. Nevertheless for all that bad, i am still positive that i will be able to handle any difficulties that come my way if i have a clear mind and maintain a calm composure. Let’s persevere and fight through for the rest of the year!


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Last Day Of The Year & Happy New Year 2011!



Today marks the last day of year 2010. I am really looking forward to 2011 and a new beginning. While everyone was rushing for festive shopping or pushing your online sales this month, i have taken a step back and did some cool stuff for my family. I went through a painting job during Christmas eve and on Christmas day itself! Whole house was painted completely in 2 days time! Mom was really happy about it and now it seems like we are living in a new house! It’s the best Christmas gift for my family!

So the whole of last week was spent tidying up the house and my office area. I am still in the midst of getting some new furniture for the house. The new year will usher in a new and fresh start with everything in place. I looked back and seems like 2010 has its good and bad but it’s all over now. In the new year everyone gets a second chance and we should be positive and go for our goals and dreams. I believe if you work hard towards your goal, you will achieve it in time to come. A very Happy New Year to all my friends and readers and i wish you a fantastic year ahead!

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My Birthday Special And Happy Halloween!

Wow another year has gone and today i wanna wish myself a Happy Birthday and also a Happy Halloween to all my readers! I have been busy targeting Christmas sales and it’s always not too early to get started. I am happy that things are picking up quite a bit and i also have new ventures coming my way. Even so i had been working today on my birthday to get some work stuff sorted. So as my birthday special, i would like to announce to you with excitement that i will be conducting my very first eBay workshop in collaboration with my good friend and business partner KC.Tan from Websprout Consulting.

Now here’s your chance to pick my brains on eBay selling! Although you may think that selling on eBay is relatively easy, there are so many hidden strategies and ongoings behind the scene of the business. I wanna share them with you and help you succeed too! This workshop will be a no hold, bare all event and you will learn all about eBay selling and the secrets i use for the business! I will also share with you one important part of the business which is product sourcing! I believe this is something that all sellers are interested in and i will cover it in the workshop.

So why should you learn from me? I am proud to announce that i am a qualified eBay educator as approved by eBay Singapore and eBay has provided me with official training materials for the teaching. You can be sure that the workshop will be worth every cents you paid for. Okay i don’t wanna sound too full of myself cos back to reality, i am just a normal person like you.  Perhaps just on my birthday i can be a little proud of myself just for one day Lol! =P So if you are interested in the upcoming eBay workshop conducted by KC and me, please check out the details here:

Seats are limited so please act fast! For any questions, you can email me at and i will address your queries from there. Hope to see you at the workshop! Happy Halloween guys!

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A Surprise Thank You Card From USA?

Today i had a surprise when i opened up the letter box. I got a card from KC Tan and i thought it was too early to be receiving a birthday card for my birthday. When i saw the envelope, i was surprised to see that it was sent from Salt Lake City, USA! The stamp and everything tells the true isn’t it?

So i opened up the envelope and saw a big greeting saying You Are Awesome! Wow!

Inside the card, KC wrote a little thank you speech which really made my day! I was smiling as i read through the content. You are too kind KC! When i saw the photograph taken from his networking event with me as guest speaker, i was reminded of the nice experience i had at the event. (You can read the story here) Here’s what he wrote inside the card.

Thank you very much KC! I am sure we will catch up one of these days! Thank you for being my friend and your support for my business too! For those who wanna know more about KC.Tan, please visit his website at as well as his business site at for more information.

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My Visit To eBay Singapore Office

If you have read my previous entry on receiving an email from a representative from eBay Singapore office, you will most probably like to read about my actual visit to the eBay Singapore office. If you haven’t, you can read it here . Yes finally!!! I went!!! I was invite to go down for a presentation on some affiliate programs that eBay is offering and i would definitely say it was a good experience! Here’s to share with all my readers about my first ever visit to the eBay Singapore office!

The beautiful and professional reception entrance was the first that captured my eyes. I was thinking to myself, wow i’m finally here at the eBay office! The receptionist was very friendly and greeted me with a smile when i told her of my supposed visit. While i was waiting to meet my manager, i could not control myself and took some fast pictures of the nice place with my blackberry. The distinct logo is a must!

The cute orange fun chairs also makes the whole place look chirpy and light. It gives the impression that there’s lots of liveliness and vitality in the staff working there.

For your information, eBay Singapore and Paypal are located together in the same office and they handle transactions for the whole of South East Asia (eBay Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand). Next came my manager who is a dashing young man who spoke eloquently, taking patience to explain to me clearly on what i should know about the various available programs which i can choose to take up. He also tried his best to answer any questions that i have and to clear my doubts. It was a very relax and comfortable presentation and i really enjoy the whole session.

Halfway through he went to get a pen to write down some points and when he came back, he surprised me with some eBay goodies! That really made my day! I really appreciate the efforts. Thank you very much! I asked politely before i left that if i can have a picture of myself taken with the eBay and Paypal logo and he nodded without hesitation and even offer to take the pictures for me. Awesome!

So there i was, at the eBay office. I am not trying to boost or proof anything here but just plainly wanna share my excitement of my visit to the eBay Singapore office with my readers and as well as document this memorable experience on my own blog. I hope after this i will be able to establish a good working relationship with eBay being one of their affiliate and progress from there, also at the same time expanding my own eBay business.

So what goodies did i received from eBay? My very first eBay items (I’ve never own anything from eBay before!) Woohoo!!! eBay Pen, eBay Duffle Bag, eBay Notepad, eBay Calculator! Here’s the picture to wrap up this post. Totally good day!

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