Weekend Stock Purchase

I know i know i have disappeared from my blog for over a month. I have been working on my eBay business and test tried a few different ways of selling different items. I have also been sourcing around for stocks and buying some just to test out the market. My profit for end of march was USD483.71 which is still a little short of my target of USD500.00! Well good enough for a start as the money was earned from a small niche itself only. I have started selling some other stuff and target similar results (hopefully) till end of april.

I will be flying off tonight to Bangkok (back on monday) for some stock purchasing and should be back with more stuff to sell. This month is a month of travel for me cos this weekend i will be in Bangkok and then next weekend i will be in Hokkaido (Japan) for a one weeks tour with my mom! Wow wow! I must remember to set my listings in holiday mode so that the buyers will understand for late shipping of the items.

Overall i would say life have been pretty good ever since i left my job. I have come to understand the need to be discipline and motivated in order to earn my dough and put food on the table. Of cos the amount is not as substantial yet but expansion will bring in more from different sources. Like the saying goes “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. If certain items don’t sell well you still got other stuff to support the shortfall and bring in better income.

With this i end here and i still haven pack my bag! I might share photos of my trip with you guys so stay tune and check back again. Have a great weekend people! If you have a Facebook account, feel free to add me at cocotash@singnet.com.sg!

Leaping Ahead- USD226.71 Over 2 Weekends!

Well guys i know i haven been updating here as often as i would like to but i have been busy recently. Had a good 5 days trip to Kuala Lumpur and now back to working on my online business. Lots of events happening in the past weeks and Secrets of eBay Millionaires is selling pretty well in all the major bookstores. Have you gotten your copy yet? If you haven i would recommend you get one. After reading it, my confidence was boosted up again and i feel charged to continue on this exciting journey.

I am lazy at times but knowing that i have no regular salary to depend on after resigning from my job, i have to work harder in order to keep myself alive. (That is figurative of cos lolz) One good thing is that i do have my full focus on what i wanna do and i can now put my whole heart in it. Recently i set up a new eBay account selling some stuff and the 2 weeks result was pretty satisfying. Of course i need to improve on it further to justify my time and effort spent on it and boost my earnings further. A little sneak peek at my earnings for the last 2 weekends here.


I will be starting to branch out on other areas soon so that i have income source from different goods. Cannot rely on one type of goods all the time. If no one buys, i die! Hee hee so that’s it for today while i go to the post office to send off more packages to my customers. Have a good day people!


I am officially out of the rat race and i relish this new freedom. No more “alarmed” at 7.00am for now hee hee. I mentioned in the last post that i tendered my resignation last thursday. To my surprise, the bank actually waived off the one month notice and paid me full sum salary till the next month! No loss on my side and i dun have to serve one month for them. Anyway if i’d stayed on, i cannot take up new responsibilities either so good for both side. I feel so much relieved and burden free!

Now that i have all the time to concentrate on one thing which is Internet Marketing, i believe i will do much better and achieve good results. All the way!

Launching Of Secrets Of eBay Millionaires

Alrite people this is the time you have been waiting for. The launch of Secrets of eBay Millionaires will be official on the 29th Jan 2008 at all major bookstores. Grab your copies when the stores open as you will find a surprise inside the book. Wanna know what it is? Ok i’ll tell you, inside the book you will find a voucher that will entitle you to bring a friend to an exclusive eBay workshop conducted by Benjamin. The eBay workshop is only available to the first 1000 people so grab your seats fast. You will not wanna miss the chance to get some good tips on how to work it on eBay.

I am hoping that i will be one of the few who will get a copy of the book before the official launch date (so hint hint where’s my copy?) so that i can pour my eyeballs throughout the content during the weekend. I have the feeling that some other people has already gotten the book earlier than me. Well….. no luck…..

2nd exciting news! I have just tendered my resignation this morning! It seems so unreal as i cannot believe that i am leaving the workforce at this point in time. But like what i have told myself, if i don’t get the extra push i will not be determine enough to do it. So i have decided to cut it off and concentrate on my online business and give myself a time frame. If i really cannot do it then no choice, i have to step back into the mud hole. So to speak, i still have one more month to go before i leave my company so now it’s time to step it up and pave some grounds.

Date Change And Awakening

Darling’s off to Bangkok for the weekend for some business stuff and for those who are keeping your eyeballs on my blog, the date for darling’s book launch has been postponed to 29th Jan 2008 instead due to 22nd Jan being some meeting stuff happening for the distributors.

I was having dinner with Stuart, Adwin and Ben the other day before Stuart gotta go do a preview for Patterns Of Excellence program. We were at the topic of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and i was intrigued by the areas it affects. Stuart being the NLP expert was definitely giving me an insight to how powerful NLP can be.

I went along to the POE preview to watch Stuart and Adam gave their presentation and just the preview itself was impactful enough to wake me up. Adam was talking about the difference of being committed to succeed and those wishing or hoping to succeed. Those who are committed to succeed makes it a MUST. Those who wish and hope they will succeed will not see it as a MUST. They can live with what they have. I feel that im reminded of the state of mind that im in, from being very motivated to being comfortable, which is not a good thing. To be honest, i couldn’t sleep that night when i got home as the whole thing was kinda having an impact on me. I wanna be more empowered and committed and i know i can do it.

So this weekend will be a very fulfilling one for me as i get down to do some work. It is a brand new awakening for me. Have a good weekend everyone!  

How To Turn Your Trash Into Cash On eBay

So it’s already December which means the end of the year is coming and 2008 will be knocking on your doorstep before you know it. After setting up the glass cabinets from Ikea and putting my collection of bears in it, i realised that i have lot more junk in my room to clear. Luckily i bought some storage boxes that day and i spent the weekend doing a little spring cleaning.

I found stuff that i dun have the use for any longer and still in pretty good condition. I think i should sell them and make some cash. Ok so simply just sell them on eBay!

What you need :
1. Stuff that you do not need or want anymore. (Should be in decent condition)
2. A digital camera
3. Your computer or laptop

What to do :
1. Take picture of the items individually (Front, side and back view)
2. Load the pictures up to your computer
3. Open an eBay account (if you do not have it) or go to your eBay store and sell new items
4. Fill in the description of the item in the appropriate fields.
5. Charge a price for the item (Take note that the selling price does not include shipping fees, charge a separate cost for shipping. You may wanna check with the local post office for rates)
6. Choose your selling duration (If you want people to bid for your items choose auction listing, if you prefer to set a fixed price then do a buy it now and set how long you wanna list it, 7 days and so forth)
7. Showing a Gallery picture of the item (In my opinion it is a good way to attract your customers)
8. That’s it! You listed all your items for sale and you can wait for your sales to come in. eBay have millions of visitors and it should not be hard for you to sell off some items.

Extras :
Start emailing your friends to tell them about your clearance sale and provide them with the link to your eBay seller account. They can buy from there. Also you can make announcements on Friendster Bulletin, Facebook and various social network sites that you’ve joined to let people know about your sales items. Drive traffic!

If you feel that your listing is unattractive, the other way will be to make a mini sales page from Microsoft Frontpage using simple html. That way you can design your sales page listing according to your liking by using add on pictures and font colors. I like to create my sales page like that. Of cos to make your work easier, you can use a standard template all the time and just replace the picture of the items and change the description abit. The main layout will still be the same.

There you have it, the simple way to turn your trash into cash! As the saying goes, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Who knows how much you can make by selling second items? You may get some money for the New Year Party! Try it out!    

Exclusive Interview On HardWare Zone Magazine

As some of you might have noticed if you have purchased the November issue of the HardWare Zone Magazine (HWM) that Benjamin Marc Wee is on the featured column together with Stuart and Rachit. Of cos the interview was about his area of expertise eBay and a real example of how a person can make money running an online business.

For those who missed out on the past issue of HWM, you can read about the exclusive interview here.  Please click to enlarge.

hwm1.jpg hwm2.jpg hwm3.jpg

Besides the interview, Benjamin’s book Secrets Of eBay Millionaires will also be launched pretty soon by the end of December. I know many have been waiting and asking about it but well let me just say the wait is worth it. Grab the book off the shelves of major bookstores once it’s out as there are some wonderful information and juicy details inside, you dun wanna miss that dun ya?


Stay tune as i update more about the coming launch soon!

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