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Bigger Achievements And Interview Coming Up!

Hi guys, i know i left this blog empty for a pretty long time. Well….as usual am busy with stuff. Thank you all for the birthday wishes on Facebook on Halloween. I really appreciate it. Nothing really special this year as you know i’m not getting any younger hee hee so no point celebrating. I am currently exploring some new channels and perhaps i will be doing up something soon.

By the way my friend KC.Tan from approached me to do an interview with him and well i felt honored cos it’s my first actual interview really. So i hope he post up the interview soon and you guys can go read it. I am just a simple Singaporean gal working hard to achieve a decent living online and it is real life true example of how you can really earn a living online. So below i share with you guys again my increasing earnings to date.


This is from one of my eBay accounts and in the month of Oct 2008 i managed to clock a total of SGD6,152.05. Not too bad as there was an improvement from Sep 2008.


This screenshot shows the total earnings in Sep and Oct 2008 as eBay wouldn’t allow me to check for Sep 2008 alone as they only have previous one month’s records and the rest are by days. So taking a whooping SGD10,135.63 minus SGD6,152.05, i made SGD3,983.58 in Sep 2008!!! That means my Oct sales kinda doubled in earnings!!! WOW!!! So i am looking forward to achieving my 5 figures monthly soon as i predict the coming holiday season will boost up some sales as people still buy presents and stuff. And people this is one of my accounts only and i have 5 eBay accounts selling different stuff. Adding up a bit here and there, i do believe that to do 5 figures in 3 months time is totally achievable. It can be done and you have to believe it!

So i hope you guys will be encouraged to take some action and let tomorrow being a Monday kick start your online earnings! Have a great week people and dun miss the chance of profiting from the coming holiday season!

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Mailing And The Post Office

I have been getting much more busier lately due to the increase in sales and more trips to my suppliers and the post office. I want to get the items out to my customers as soon as i can and considering that the custom clearing in some countries are pretty slow, it makes a lot of difference if you can mail out the items on time. So imagine everyday i gotta pack the items and then consolidate for just 1 or 2 days and then go to the post office!

I got chided twice by people this week queuing behind me (those impatient aunties!) and it was not a good feeling. They said it pretty loudly “Wah Lau this girl so many when will she finish??!!??” So i meekly stare at counter officer and pretend not to hear. The only consolation is that the service officer at the post counter always greets me with a smile and jokingly says ” YOU AGAIN!” hahah and have a lot of patience helping me clear the whole lot for mailing. I really appreciate that.

2 days ago when i finished my lot and turned my back to go, i saw that the queue had stretched till the door entrance of the post office! OMG i think i took pretty long for all my packages to clear even though i had already done the necessary at home to save time. Hee hee i think they must’ve all hated me inside their hearts!

Well i think if the sales level is keeping up at this good rate, i will be considering home collection soon. It saves me the time too to make the trip to the post office and the queuing up and i can do more things. But before that happens, i still gotta do it myself. Let’s monitor for some more time. That to say, i gotta stop here and go do my packing after lunch. For now i leave you guys with a picture of my packages yesterday.

How would you like it if you sell this much everyday?


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Fighting For Sales! Tremendous Increase Yet To Come!

Wow and Wow! The past few days were great especially for 15th Sep 2008! I wonder whether there were any reason for the sudden increase in sales? I did not do anything special on eBay to make that happen. Anyhow, it’s a great feeling and i got busy again packing the items for delivery. Sharing my Paypal screen shot again hee hee……


So far i wouldn’t say that i make a lot of money but i am pretty comfortable being able to do the things i love and being at home. I do make more than when i was having my day job though which i guess should be happening or else it wouldn’t be right and i will be better off working a day job anyway. The best feeling is to see this in your email inbox every morning!


A few sales per day adds up to a whole lot in a month! So do not underestimate it! Even though some of the days you only make 1 or 2 sales but it is still money. I believe if you make enough efforts to be hardworking and press on, do a little bit day by day, there is nothing such as no results. You will see something happen! If there are really no results, you must be damn damn unlucky or you are doing it all wrong!

I am not a show off putting up my earnings screen shot here but my point is that i wanna encourage you people out there to make something happen for yourself! I hope my results can trigger off some actions on your part if let’s say you really wanna get out of the rat race. If you dun do something, nothing will ever happen. Till my next post people….. take care!

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Surviving The Internet Chain

I am now in a very special place.  Guess where? Hahah I am now sitting in Stuart’s Internet Marketing Seminar in Kuala Lumpur AKLTG. Well this is just a last minute meet up as i happen to be in KL same weekend as him. So i thought just drop by to say hi. This is not after getting lost whole morning around the area. The place is not as near as i thought it was. Stuart you gotta give clearer directions next time hee.






So much happened lately with some stuff in eBay as i had some accounts suspended out of no reason. With the change in eBay policies and so many things, it was unfortunate that i encountered the “worse”. Besides these came the loss of income but luckily i had some profits from before to survive and plus some earnings from affiliate programs. So the rule is “Never put all your eggs in one basket”. If i got to worry about eBay alone it will be so demoralizing don’t you agree? Even though i can say that eBay is my main focus and source of income, when my accounts got suspended it did not hit me as badly as i thought it will be.

Tip No. 1

Start with one account first and sell something. What i do is to sell one type of item in one account. If you wanna sell t-shirts, then sell different designs of t-shirts in one eBay account. Of course to save the trouble of opening so many accounts, you can just separate them in store categories.

Tip No. 2

Choose a ID name that is related to the items you sell. E.g. my account NewStyleMall sells t-shirts and other stuff but cos it’s “new style”. If you sell military stuff only, you can name your account soldierstrove. The idea is branding your store so that targeted buyers searching for certain specific items can have more choices and they know you specialize in selling that item.

Tip No. 3

Price your item cheaper if you are a new seller as this will create sales for you. If you have zero feedbacks and you are a new seller who will wanna buy from you? There will be some buyers around who don’t mind paying but that will depend how you market your products on the listing page. I get 7 to 10 sales with a decent sales page description from a brand new account with lower pricing. When you have more buyers, you can slowly adjust your price higher.

I know i haven’t been updating for a long time but i just thought to write about it after all things were sorted out. So after taking near to 2 months, all things are back to normal and i am glad i can go full force again and stronger than ever! As i check my accounts now, items are selling off the shelves and this weekend i can get some good money coming in.

Will be going back to Singapore tomorrow and should be busy packing the sold items for post office on Monday. I love being away and still able to do my business with just a laptop and internet connection.

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On My Way! Crossing The $1000 Mark!

I finally manage to list up all the items that i had bought which is a lot of work. Every item is different and so that means i have to take pictures for each of them and the do the listing templates individually too. Phew! It was a concurrent process as i have items running in my store and adding new ones at the same time. With so much traveling i really lost a lot of time! Did i mentioned that after Japan trip i went to Malacca/KL the subsequent weekend and then last weekend i went up to Genting! Getting sick of Malaysia soon hahah.

Anyway i did my sums for last month and not too bad my sales are increasing and with all the new items listed i might be expecting more sales this month hopefully. To share my achievements (even though not a fantastic one) below is a screen shot for sales up to April 2008.


Finally crossed over $1000! This is without much work in a way as i was traveling all over last month and before i got my stocks sorted out. I guess it is not too bad. Have a happy weekend guys!

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