I Am An eBay Powerseller!

A little good news to share today. I was checking my eBay account and i had a few messages as usual and one of it was from eBay. It said:

“Congratulations! Your recent selling activity entitles you to Bronze status in the eBay Powerseller Program. Please visit  www.ebay.com/powerseller and sign in to activate your membership to enjoy these great benefits and services.”

Woohoo i have been invited to be a eBay Powerseller! Or rather they gave me the bronze status as an early Christmas present? Lolz.

I shall try to maintain my eBay Powerseller status and even try to better it cos there are some criterias as well to be able to keep that status. Nevertheless im happy for now as i have this little icon Member is a PowerSeller beside my store and member’s ID.

So a little more information for my readers here about eBay Powersellers.

Member is a PowerSeller This icon next to a member’s user ID means that the seller meets the criteria for being a PowerSeller—consistent volume sales, 98% total positive Feedback or better, eBay marketplace policy compliance, and an account in good financial standing. With this mark, you can be confident that you are transacting with an experienced eBay seller who has proven that they’re committed to customer satisfaction.

Read more about the criterias from here.

People tend to buy more from Powerseller i guess cos they are reliable and have a good standing in buy/sell transactions. Also Powersellers tend to have operated for a longer time compared to other sellers.

I guess my store is decent enough to qualify. This is certainly a morale booster for me to persevere on. More sales to come!

Super Ridiculous Buyer!!! #$@^!*& Part 2

So what has happened after all those emails? Look at his reply below!

Well I just read your feedback & must say you have nerve ! I DID NOT recieve the EBAY! Out & out lie! See my feedback ? ALL GOOD,actually most are A+++ ! I never got an email telling me how to change my feedback I will ask Ebay if you cannot help me. I WILL NOT have someone lie about me like that ! VERY UNTRUE ! I ONLY asked for a refund on ONE ITEM ! OMG sellers beware ? How stupid is that ! I BUY ALL THE TIME on Ebay ! And no problems… my feedback states that clearly!

He is really a super dumb ass! In the previous email he said he wanted all refunds! Now he tells me he only want one of the item refunded! What the hell!!! Really testing my patience! See my reply below:

You have good feedbacks and me too. pls take note of the numbers. i have higher rating scores. you left me negative feedbacks despite i already sent you the download links by emails. i also sent you email teaching you how to withdraw feedbacks. pls check properly. anyway i refunded you for both i dunno how you check your emails. maybe all cock up or you never receive. i would appreciate you asking me first instead of straight away accusing me with angry remarks and harsh emails. like i say i have already been very patient.

So i guess he must have realized his mistake and what came later was 2 request to withdraw the feedbacks.

risingstarz2007 has filed a request to mutually withdraw feedback for the transaction shown below. eBay allows members to withdraw feedback for a transaction if they both agree it is no longer appropriate.

Feedback you received: Negative feedback rating I HAVE ORDERED 2 ITEMS WHICH SAID DIGITAL DOWNLOADS AND RECIEVED NOTHING !Reply left by reliableprograms: Ridiculous Buyer! He received item but still put up dispute! Have refunded!
Message from seller: Let’s retract our feedback please. Robin
Feedback you received: Negative feedback rating I HAVE ORDERED 2 ITEMS WITCH SAID DIGITAL DOWNLOADS AND RECIEVED NOTHING !Reply left by reliableprograms: Troublemaker! Items received but still want trouble. Sellers beware!Hv Refunded!
Message from seller: Let’s retract our feedback please. Robin

Hahah guess i won in the end! Really making a big hoohah out of nothing. Some people just cannot find out the truth and go straight out to make assumptions and accuse people right away! PLEASE WAKE UP!!! Anyway i have agreed to withdraw the feedbacks too. I just hope i dun get crazy people like this Robin guy so often! This kind of transaction sucks! I had rather he dun buy from me at all! i would sacrifice this kind of customers to save trouble like these kind.

Super Ridiculous Buyer!!! #^%*!@ Part 1

I dunno why recently i just happen to have the most unimaginable luck with crazy people and yes you are right there is another stupid and even more ridiculous buyer again! I shall write about him in the open this time as he is just too much!

Sideline: Things are really not up for me recently and i lost my dad finally last sunday. It was an emotional period with griefing still going on but well i guess life still have to go on. All the more i do not have much patience with people especially the kind below!!!

First email from him:

You tell me WHAT I BOUGHT HERE ? ACCESS TO A SITE ! NOT THE INFORMATION ? This was to be a digital ebook ?

I was puzzled so went to check the accounts. I knew it was another crazy buyer in the making.
Then came another angry email with the subject title VERY PISSED OFF!:

Ok now look I paid $1.00 both times for what it said a digital download ! It takes me NO WHERE ! But to purchase these programs ! This is fraudulant advertising & I am filing a report with Ebay ! I have written you TWICE & NO RESPONSE at all ! TELL ME WHAT EXACTLY DID I PAY FOR ? ACCESS TO YOUR SITE ? I expect a response AT ONCE ! I will forward this email to Ebay also !

I checked and double check the accounts, there is no double payment for the item. He only paid $1.00 once. I dunno what is he talking about??!!??

So I replied:

Hi Robin

I understand that there is a misunderstanding here. From what I see you have purchased

- Witchcraft Wicca Ebooks Bundle Pak

- Ebay For Dummies Auction Success Kit

I don?t get what you mean by you cannot get the download? After you make payment, the link will require you to fill up your name and email.

After that the Witchcraft pak will be send to you through the email address that you filled in.

As for the Ebay kit, we provide the access link to the actual product in our e-report. (the one you downloaded) you will be able to read about the information on the product at the site itself.

I do not have any problems with other buyers at all so this should be a misunderstanding. If you are still not happy with it I can refund you for both items and you can keep the downloads for yourself.

I hope you can reconsider reporting to eBay about this.

Other than that I have nothing to say.


Even after this email i saw that he has already left me 2 negative feedbacks on eBay!!! What the fuck??!!!??

After my reply to him, he sent me another one in bold black but this time he wrote TYVM (Thank you very much) at the end:

Ok so what you are saying is I should of recieved a link for my ebooks? I filled in the info ! And the Ebay kit is a link to buy it ? Is that correct? I did see you have good feedback & I will retract my feedback when I recieve my items. Tyvm Robin

So i patiently replied to him out of the goodness in me:

Ok in case you don?t have the access, I will provide the links here for you.

Witchcraft pak download here (link given)

Ebay Kit download here (link given)

I see that you have already left me 2 negative feedbacks, please consider to withdraw them.


I am not afraid of negative feedbacks but if you can prevent it why not. So came his nice reply:

TYVM & I will retract my feedback & leave a positive one. I’m truly sorry. Robin

My reply:

No worries Robin, thank you for being understanding. I will leave positive feedbacks for you too.


Just when i thought things were fine and that’s the end of the story, he came back to create trouble!

OK I BOUGHT IT FOR .99 FORGET THE REFUND.Just tell me how to correct my feedback tyvm
I am having a really crappy day… where do I go to retract my feedback ? Thanks Connie :(

In another separate email:

I recieved the Witchcraft one but not Ebay I see no link for download just your store site I filled in the info. Tyvm Robin

My reply to him, getting impatient. This guy can be so stupid!!!!

The witchcraft pak is sent to you after you fill in your name and email address.

The eBay e-report download link was made available after you made the payment.

Inside the e-report are all the programs you can join for free on a trial basis when you sign up with them at the web site itself.

You will only need to pay for shipping for them to deliver you the kit. Once before the trial ends you can cancel and you do not have to pay anything extra.

Shipping fees for the delivery of the ebay kit cos less than $2.00 if I am not wrong.

In case you missed the download link you can download again here

-link provided-

Thank you for being so understanding.

To withdraw your feedbacks please go to the link below and type in the item number and submit withdrawal


I think you have to do it for both items individually. Then ebay will remove the feedbacks.

Sorry for late reply as the time zone makes a difference. I appreciate your understanding once again.


After one day, he sent me this! Ultimate Ridiculous!!! Some people just never learn!!! i already told him how to withdraw feedback!!! Still need to ask how many times???

I would like a refund on this Ebay crap please all is gives me is asking for a credit card to purchase the shipping & handling ! I am done trying ! I already paid for something what ? Please return my payment as you said you would in an email.Tysm. I will retract my feedback as soon as you tell me how !Robin (This will need to be done today/tonight as I will have no internet while my PC is being worked on.)

Another email!!!! Driving me nuts!!! What the hell is he talking about???

I want a refund on this.I have recieved nothing & got 2 different emails with different passwords ! Neither work ! And NOW I got a phone call prying into my personal sales on Ebay from HELLO WORLD ? I expect to see a FULL refund today or I will send all this to Ebay including these BOGUS emails ! That is the amount I paid the first time around 1.85 (ABOUT) & .99. Put back in my Paypal I have NEVER had this much trouble downloading anything & have purchased MANY ebooks ! I’m totally disgusted ! Rising Starz 2007

You are disgusted??!!!?? i am more DISGUSTED!!! So i went ahead and refunded him, also left him 2 negative feedbacks since he did it to me first. Also sent him an email:

I have refunded you for both items. i dun understand why you have so much trouble on the purchases. I run a legitimate business and all my customers are happy. What do you mean by bogus emails? maybe you dun understand the thing yourself. dun accuse me out of nothing! i guess you will not be retracting the feedbacks. you are ridiculous! keep the ebooks and your money.

How interesting as the story goes and the heat is still rising!!!

I’m rediculous because your support sent me 2 emails with passwords that didn’t work ? How rude of you !Do you want copies of the emails & the HELLO WORLD calls ? YES I will change my feedback tell me HOW ! I’ll do it today ! I know bad feedback hurts everyone.So yes I will change it.I’m NOT stupid or DUMB I wanted this kit ! Can’t recieve it when I can’t download it ! Be real on this ! Have a great weekend ! Let me know HOW to retract my feedback I will change it.
So now he is afraid?!!? Hahah but anyway you wanna play i’ll play with you! Dun mess with me when i’m in a bad mood! Since he ask me to have a great weekend, i replied in a nicer tone.
Robin i think you have misunderstood me. The transaction ends when you purchased the e-report from me containing links to the available programs. I research the best available programs for people but i do not give support on behalf of the companies. i have people who sign up and receive their kit in 3 days. you can choose to try the trial or continue the full membership. i dun earn anything from your decision. you have to fill up the form and provide your credit card number just for reference. if everything is done properly i dun see how you dun receive your kit. if still dun work pls call them at the numbers provided at the site. they give full support 24/7. dun accuse me of the emails and HELLO WORLD CALLS. i have no idea how you got them?!? Let me stress again the whole ebay kit will be shipped to you to your house address, not by download!!! Please read properly before you come and tell me off. i will still be willing to retract my feedbacks if you change yours. i have already told you how in the previous email.

Guess what comes next? Stay tune for follow ups tomorrow! Now i need a cup of cold water to drench my anger!

Bad Day From Stupid Buyer!

I had an unpleasant transaction with this stupid buyer on eBay today. This lady purchased a one cent item from me and then emailed me this:

Your listing did not mention anything about having to sign up for a “trial” membership, with the possibility of paying $39.95 per month. I am too busy to try to remember to cancel after the 14 trial period, and cannot afford $39.95 per month right now. I feel that I was deceived by your listing, and since I cannot get what I paid for, unless I fill out the form and commit to the trial offer and/or monthly membership, I will not be leaving positive feedback. Rather than leave negative feedback, I will not be leaving any feedback at all.

After a while before i could even reply she sent me this :

If you would be willing to make the Blog and Google packages, offered in your listing, available to me without requiring the trial and membership, I will be happy to leave positive feedback.

My reply to her was :

I am sorry that you feel differently about the item. We only provide the links to the product and you can get it free by only paying the shipping charge. We suggest that you can cancel after receiving your package at a no questions asked situation. you do not have to sign up for the $39.95 membership if you don’t want to. In any case the item only cost $0.01. I have already left you a good feedback anyway and it is fine if you are not leaving me one. Sorry to say that the stated package is not available for sale right now. Thanks again

After a while she sent me a really angry email which really gets to me! Bloody hell damn it! I do not have problems at all with other buyers but this crazy woman is really too much!


You are wrong! I have seen the ad on the internet. It says: “by continuing you understand this offer includes a 14-Day Free Trial to the BlogToolKit.com website, which can help you create an additional income using the tools and strategies inside. After the 14-Day Free Trial period, you will continue to enjoy full membership at an affordable $39.95 per month billed automatically to your credit card.  That means, I WOULD have to take the time to call them and cancel the account/order. This is a direct quote from the website you mentioned when you said I could get it “free” if I pay shipping.

 Your listing DOES NOT SAY that you only provide a link to the product, it says:

To eBay: We hold full rights to the product as we are the original creator of the report.


Digital Delivery: Digital delivery information provided be made available immediately upon payment. Zip file contains PDF DOCUMENT. To open this eBook you will need one or both of these programs; Adobe Reader or WinZip. Both are easily found and free to download through your favorite search engine.


What you sent me WAS NOT AN EBOOK, it was a link to a product. So, your listing lied. I don’t have a lot of patience with ebayers who post misleading listing. YOU ARE ANYTHING BUT RELIABLE! You are also NOT the original creator of the programs that you sell.

So please tell me am i wrong or misleading here?!!? Come On!!! You don’t have a lot of patience with misleading listing I DON’T HAVE BLOODY PATIENCE WITH CRAZY BUYERS LIKE YOU!!! You only pay a miserable one cent and you expect to get the whole blogging kit??? Hahah don’t make me laugh!!! You have a choice to cancel whether or not you want to. If you are really afraid of incurring the full membership fees then cancel within 14 days! What’s your problem??? You will find the time to cancel if you really want to! Dun blame me for it!

I am not really in the best of mood with stressful stuff at home. Dad is getting weaker and no one can do much about it. I try to live my life as normal as i could, struggling to make some money online and juggle so many other things. I dunno when will i break down……

Get Ready For The Launch!

Today i had the chance to sneak a peep at the cover of Ben’s upcoming book. You people just have to agree with me that the book cover looks great right? So stay tune as the book will be launched end of this month or in early September in all major bookstores! Grab a copy if you can cos there are alot of good tips and tricks that you will wanna learn. In my opinion, the book cover is nicer than Stuart’s own book hahah. So i dun think Ben will mind me sharing the picture with my readers. So here it is people!


Picture removed cos i guess he mind after all…… as he said the color is not confirmed yet.

Those of you who saw it were lucky…….

People On eBay And Feedbacks

Remember my last post on my experiment on eBay? If you cannot remember you can click here to read it. Well after my affiliate earnings were “cheated” there was so much to be done but i had little time to do it. At the same time my listings on eBay were taken down by the eBay administrators and after relisting them again, they were again taken down. My eBay account is in a mess so to speak lolz. Anyway what i wanna say is that the sales has been greatly reduced but i still get my leads.

After checking my account last night i find it amusing that people on eBay are so hungry for feedbacks. I mean yes feedbacks are important for both buyers and sellers as it actually represent your credibility. But some people are just too impatient. They keep sending me messages asking for their feedbacks and that is annoying. Also at the same time there are many people with different questions. I shall list them out here.

1. People with new account
These people are eager to get as many feedbacks as they can by purchasing items from others. They will bug you for the precious one feedback as it’s so important to them. A few days without reply makes them worried and they keep sending you different messages with different tone.

2. People who don’t understand instructions
These people either don’t read your instructions or they don’t understand it at all. For example my item ships by digital delivery and once they pay they will get a download link. I had people sending me messages and emails asking how to get the product? Come on! Everything’s stated clearly on my page! Then they ask whether you can ship the item to their house address?!!? Oh My Goodness!

3. People who don’t pay 
Sometimes you see people who buy from you and left you a positive feedback. But when you check the store account, there are no payment from them. Some people will list the item as paid. So what do you do? It’s ok, just leave a feedback for them as well and since they don’t pay, they don’t get the item. They just want feedbacks. I must clarify that this only probably works for $0.01- $0.99 products. If you are selling physical items with a dollar price tag you better make sure they pay you first before delivering the item to them.  

4. People who bought your items and sell them from their own store
Lastly these are the ones who irks me as i see them being kinda sneaky. Ok so it happened to me as i checked last night. I searched the whole eBay for similar items and apparently my item WAS the only item in the whole eBay and no one is selling the same thing. Then out of the search results i was surprised to see one seller having the same items in his store. And the way he packaged it is also close to mine. Just that he is selling them whole (package of 6) instead of individually. I have nothing against selling similar items but this only shows that the idea has been copied. That seller sure is smart! Im just wondering if his items have my affiliate links inside. Cos maybe he dunno how to convert pdf back to words file? If so that is good for me, free promotion for me! I might go and buy from him and take a look at the items hee hee.

So there you go. Lolz if you explore eBay further there are many more discoveries! Well so i have more work to be done this weekend and more tweaking too. So much to do so little time……

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