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Off To Japan!

Right so i managed to complete taking the pictures of all the items but i still have no time to do up the listings. Tonight i will be flying to Hokkaido with my mom. I guess everything will have to wait till i come back. I just finished packing some packages to be posted out tomorrow and that will be handled by trusty cousin hee hee. Sometime to kill now so just decided to pop in an entry. I know some of you miss me right? hee hee. Ok leaving you with a picture of some of my haul from Bangkok. These are only purchases from the first day. While i go on a relax tour with mom in Hokkaido, i know i will still miss my eBay business. Till next week!


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Back From Stock Purchase

I’m back with tired legs and my back aches from all the walking. Bought a whole lot of stuff to sell too. Knowing the low price in Bangkok, you can imagine how much i can buy with a mere SGD700.00! Not to mention that my cousin and friends were so good at bargaining for stuff and i think that’s pretty impressive for guys to do that. I had not much to carry as they carried all my stocks in their backpacks. I went with one small bag (my personal belongings) and came back with 3! Two other bags were bigger and all filled with stock. They keep saying it’s like i came from China with those big and cheap plastic bags hahah.

I hope i can try to list up some of the stuff within the next few days before i leave for Japan on Sunday with my mom on a nice tour in Hokkaido. When i come back i should be able to get some sales. It was a nice surprise for me when i check my store today that i sold 9 items over the weekend. Tomorrow is post office day for me and then back to do more listings. I think opening up my 2 huge stock bags tomorrow will be a nightmare! I dun even know where to start! Hee perhaps i shall do part by part starting from taking pictures of each items. That’s all for today and i hope i have time to post some pictures soon.

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Weekend Stock Purchase

I know i know i have disappeared from my blog for over a month. I have been working on my eBay business and test tried a few different ways of selling different items. I have also been sourcing around for stocks and buying some just to test out the market. My profit for end of march was USD483.71 which is still a little short of my target of USD500.00! Well good enough for a start as the money was earned from a small niche itself only. I have started selling some other stuff and target similar results (hopefully) till end of april.

I will be flying off tonight to Bangkok (back on monday) for some stock purchasing and should be back with more stuff to sell. This month is a month of travel for me cos this weekend i will be in Bangkok and then next weekend i will be in Hokkaido (Japan) for a one weeks tour with my mom! Wow wow! I must remember to set my listings in holiday mode so that the buyers will understand for late shipping of the items.

Overall i would say life have been pretty good ever since i left my job. I have come to understand the need to be discipline and motivated in order to earn my dough and put food on the table. Of cos the amount is not as substantial yet but expansion will bring in more from different sources. Like the saying goes “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. If certain items don’t sell well you still got other stuff to support the shortfall and bring in better income.

With this i end here and i still haven pack my bag! I might share photos of my trip with you guys so stay tune and check back again. Have a great weekend people! If you have a Facebook account, feel free to add me at

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Leaping Ahead- USD226.71 Over 2 Weekends!

Well guys i know i haven been updating here as often as i would like to but i have been busy recently. Had a good 5 days trip to Kuala Lumpur and now back to working on my online business. Lots of events happening in the past weeks and Secrets of eBay Millionaires is selling pretty well in all the major bookstores. Have you gotten your copy yet? If you haven i would recommend you get one. After reading it, my confidence was boosted up again and i feel charged to continue on this exciting journey.

I am lazy at times but knowing that i have no regular salary to depend on after resigning from my job, i have to work harder in order to keep myself alive. (That is figurative of cos lolz) One good thing is that i do have my full focus on what i wanna do and i can now put my whole heart in it. Recently i set up a new eBay account selling some stuff and the 2 weeks result was pretty satisfying. Of course i need to improve on it further to justify my time and effort spent on it and boost my earnings further. A little sneak peek at my earnings for the last 2 weekends here.


I will be starting to branch out on other areas soon so that i have income source from different goods. Cannot rely on one type of goods all the time. If no one buys, i die! Hee hee so that’s it for today while i go to the post office to send off more packages to my customers. Have a good day people!

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Launching Of Secrets Of eBay Millionaires

Alright people this is the time you have been waiting for. The launch of Secrets of eBay Millionaires will be official on the 29th Jan 2008 at all major bookstores. Grab your copies when the stores open as you will find a surprise inside the book. Wanna know what it is? Ok i’ll tell you, inside the book you will find a voucher that will entitle you to bring a friend to an exclusive eBay workshop conducted by Benjamin. The eBay workshop is only available to the first 1000 people so grab your seats fast. You will not wanna miss the chance to get some good tips on how to work it on eBay.

I am hoping that i will be one of the few who will get a copy of the book before the official launch date (so hint hint where’s my copy?) so that i can pour my eyeballs throughout the content during the weekend. I have the feeling that some other people has already gotten the book earlier than me. Well….. no luck…..

2nd exciting news! I have just tendered my resignation this morning! It seems so unreal as i cannot believe that i am leaving the workforce at this point in time. But like what i have told myself, if i don’t get the extra push i will not be determine enough to do it. So i have decided to cut it off and concentrate on my online business and give myself a time frame. If i really cannot do it then no choice, i have to step back into the mud hole. So to speak, i still have one more month to go before i leave my company so now it’s time to step it up and pave some grounds.

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