6 Months Into Year 2011

Hello readers! I haven’t been blogging for half a year and i hope that everything has been going well for you. I just came back from a nice vacation and now fresh and charged to continue growing my business for the rest of the year. So far there are pros and cons, up and downside in any business and i will not deny having experiencing some of the negatives in the first half of the year. Nevertheless for all that bad, i am still positive that i will be able to handle any difficulties that come my way if i have a clear mind and maintain a calm composure. Let’s persevere and fight through for the rest of the year!


Last Day Of The Year & Happy New Year 2011!

Today marks the last day of year 2010. I am really looking forward to 2011 and a new beginning. While everyone was rushing for festive shopping or pushing your online sales this month, i have taken a step back and did some cool stuff for my family. I went through a painting job during Christmas eve and on Christmas day itself! Whole house was painted completely in 2 days time! Mom was really happy about it and now it seems like we are living in a new house! It’s the best Christmas gift for my family!

So the whole of last week was spent tidying up the house and my office area. I am still in the midst of getting some new furniture for the house. The new year will usher in a new and fresh start with everything in place. I looked back and seems like 2010 has its good and bad but it’s all over now. In the new year everyone gets a second chance and we should be positive and go for our goals and dreams. I believe if you work hard towards your goal, you will achieve it in time to come. A very Happy New Year to all my friends and readers and i wish you a fantastic year ahead!

A Surprise Thank You Card From USA?

Today i had a surprise when i opened up the letter box. I got a card from KC Tan and i thought it was too early to be receiving a birthday card for my birthday. When i saw the envelope, i was surprised to see that it was sent from Salt Lake City, USA! The stamp and everything tells the true isn’t it?

So i opened up the envelope and saw a big greeting saying You Are Awesome! Wow!

Inside the card, KC wrote a little thank you speech which really made my day! I was smiling as i read through the content. You are too kind KC! When i saw the photograph taken from his networking event with me as guest speaker, i was reminded of the nice experience i had at the event. (You can read the story here) Here’s what he wrote inside the card.

Thank you very much KC! I am sure we will catch up one of these days! Thank you for being my friend and your support for my business too! For those who wanna know more about KC.Tan, please visit his website at http://kchut.com as well as his business site at http://websproutconsulting.com for more information.

Guest Speaker @ WebSprout Consulting Networking Session

Wow wow! Yup the event is over and i’m really glad i went for it! To be clear it was like a mini seminar with networking opportunity organised by my friend KC.Tan who owns Websprout Consulting. I guess i did not fare too badly and was kinda amazed that i actually talked for a whole 45 mins when KC only require about 15-20mins of my time. That was because i had a vibrant group of audience who really took interest in listening and i can tell that they are really keen to find out how to create their own online business.




So as you know my topic was of cos on eBay and i shared with them my experience. From how i started off, how i source for products, delivery of goods etc. I was a little bit nervous on the start of my talk but as it goes on, it gets better. Hahah so now i finally get the feel of what you call Stage Fright! Over all it was okay and i really love the part where i get questions from the participants and i just went with the flow and answer them accordingly. So i guess finally KC had to try to stop me so as not to drag on the time. Lolz that was funny!



After the tie up, we had a networking session where everyone can mingle around with each other and i had people coming over to me and some even pass me their namecards. I’m glad they wanna find out more by asking me related questions. So from these i guess i did pretty much okay at the event. Imagine how it will be if horror horror everyone left straight away after the talk! (To KC: Luckily it’s not like that ah hahah) So also thanks to KC who took some pictures for me while i was talking, so i can share them with my readers. Thanks KC!


Lastly you can visit KC’s site or engage his consultancy service at WebSprout Consulting for more ideas on how to enhance your business and optimising your website. Please feel free to leave your comments and send me questions at my email connie@connieong.com. Cheers!

Something Random

Chinese New Year is not even here yet and i have had some bad luck. Lost a bunch of hair when i had a comb accident, then pulled my hamstring while playing in bowling league. Now having walking problem…. hopefully all the bad luck will go away with the approaching Chinese New Year. Sales have been pretty consistent yet but i guess i will have to push it further after the holidays. No mood to do anything now and practically handicapped moving around. I guess i can afford to be lazy for a while hee…..

Last Day Of Year 2008

Time flies! Now we have reached the end of year 2008! To think that i have left my day job for one year already (i resigned in Jan but i see the whole year went by so it seems like one year) and i am still living the life i imagined it to be when i was still an employee. I guess there is no turning back now and i will only get better in the future. A time of recession even pushes me further to strive on and i believe there will certainly be opportunities for success!

This whole year i have gained some and lost some…… things have changed, people have changed, feelings have changed…….. i am not really sure why some stuff are still left hanging around with no answers….. or is it because we dun bother at all? Anyway with the start of a brand new year i wanna have a clearer view of my vision and hopefully i will find some answers.

I wishes everyone a Happy New Year 2009 and may the new year brings you happiness, good health and more fortunes! Cheers!

Surviving The Internet Chain

I am now in a very special place.  Guess where? Hahah I am now sitting in Stuart’s Internet Marketing Seminar in Kuala Lumpur AKLTG. Well this is just a last minute meet up as i happen to be in KL same weekend as him. So i thought just drop by to say hi. This is not after getting lost whole morning around the area. The place is not as near as i thought it was. Stuart you gotta give clearer directions next time hee.






So much happened lately with some stuff in eBay as i had some accounts suspended out of no reason. With the change in eBay policies and so many things, it was unfortunate that i encountered the “worse”. Besides these came the loss of income but luckily i had some profits from before to survive and plus some earnings from affiliate programs. So the rule is “Never put all your eggs in one basket”. If i got to worry about eBay alone it will be so demoralizing don’t you agree? Even though i can say that eBay is my main focus and source of income, when my accounts got suspended it did not hit me as badly as i thought it will be.

Tip No. 1

Start with one account first and sell something. What i do is to sell one type of item in one account. If you wanna sell t-shirts, then sell different designs of t-shirts in one eBay account. Of course to save the trouble of opening so many accounts, you can just separate them in store categories.

Tip No. 2

Choose a ID name that is related to the items you sell. E.g. my account NewStyleMall sells t-shirts and other stuff but cos it’s “new style”. If you sell military stuff only, you can name your account soldierstrove. The idea is branding your store so that targeted buyers searching for certain specific items can have more choices and they know you specialise in selling that item.

Tip No. 3

Price your item cheaper if you are a new seller as this will create sales for you. If you have zero feedbacks and you are a new seller who will wanna buy from you? There will be some buyers around who don’t mind paying but that will depend how you market your products on the listing page. I get 7 to 10 sales with a decent sales page description from a brand new account with lower pricing. When you have more buyers, you can slowly adjust your price higher.

I know i haven’t been updating for a long time but i just thought to write about it after all things were sorted out. So after taking near to 2 months, all things are back to normal and i am glad i can go full force again and stronger than ever! As i check my accounts now, items are selling off the shelves and this weekend i can get some good money coming in.

Will be going back to Singapore tomorrow and should be busy packing the sold items for post office on Monday. I love being away and still able to do my business with just a laptop and internet connection.

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