Weekend Stock Purchase

I know i know i have disappeared from my blog for over a month. I have been working on my eBay business and test tried a few different ways of selling different items. I have also been sourcing around for stocks and buying some just to test out the market. My profit for end of march was USD483.71 which is still a little short of my target of USD500.00! Well good enough for a start as the money was earned from a small niche itself only. I have started selling some other stuff and target similar results (hopefully) till end of april.

I will be flying off tonight to Bangkok (back on monday) for some stock purchasing and should be back with more stuff to sell. This month is a month of travel for me cos this weekend i will be in Bangkok and then next weekend i will be in Hokkaido (Japan) for a one weeks tour with my mom! Wow wow! I must remember to set my listings in holiday mode so that the buyers will understand for late shipping of the items.

Overall i would say life have been pretty good ever since i left my job. I have come to understand the need to be discipline and motivated in order to earn my dough and put food on the table. Of cos the amount is not as substantial yet but expansion will bring in more from different sources. Like the saying goes “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. If certain items don’t sell well you still got other stuff to support the shortfall and bring in better income.

With this i end here and i still haven pack my bag! I might share photos of my trip with you guys so stay tune and check back again. Have a great weekend people! If you have a Facebook account, feel free to add me at cocotash@singnet.com.sg!

Woohoo! My Own Domain!

Wow so excited! Finally i got this site going! Finally i got down to eliminating that procrastination crap after so long. Ya the long holidays posed an excuse for me to keep delaying to start, as well as my work stuff…… but the problem is that the longer you delay something you will never get started! I supposed now that the new year has begin, i should begin too! So i shall give myself a little pat on the shoulders hahah.

Recalling back it was around the same time last year that i first came across Internet Marketing. Around Feb 2006 i was just doing the usual surfing online and decided to type in “make money online” in the search engine and what Google gave kinda shone a light on me instantly. In the end i bought a “make money product” from Clickbank and tried it out. Too bad i never made a cent out of it and even lost over USD200.00 in Adwords! However i still felt excited that there is an opportunity out there and maybe i’m doing it all wrong for a start which was why i had lost money. So i stopped what i was doing and started to research on Internet Marketing and so much information just came my way and made me all confused. Halfway through i lost the drive and motivation and that was the end of it. At the same time i was distracted by other get-rich scams and make money quick products and drifted towards them like a bee smelling honey from a distance.

I did made some money through Autosurf programs and it was really easy. Somehow the programs came crushing down one by one soon enough and i was lucky to get out in time. So i concluded that it is pretty hard to make decent money online and i dunno how i can breakthrough. I rested for a couple of months but still trying to search for the answer and at the same time i traded mini forex which is my forte as i know the market and deal with it in my daily work but part of me still hunger for that Internet Marketing skills which will allow me to achieve my goals!

Late last year i stopped trading mini forex as it was taking up a lot of my time with the constant sitting in front of my laptop night after night when i reached home and it never really resulted in much extra dough either. Then i decided to start on Internet Marketing all over again like i really dunno anything about it. I joined Stuart Tan’s Jumpstart Workshop in Dec 2006 and it was really the push i needed to progress on this journey! Many things came into light and i met many like-minded individuals. I realized that now it is possible to make it and earn a living online!

I can still remember how excited and happy i was when i saw my first earned dollars from my online account. It is far more joy experienced as you know you really worked for it (in a way) and boosted my confidence level more! Cents and dollars have slowly trickle in and i hope to achieve a substantial amount in the future. Every dollar starts with the first dollar dun you agree?

Well here’s my rant for the first post and i am feeling motivated and charged everyday and i think you should too if you are going this similar pathway.

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