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Email From eBay South East Asia

Sometime back i received an email from a representative from eBay South East Asia inviting me to go down to eBay Singapore office for a no obligation discussion. It is about their eBay OnRamp Affiliate Program and that is one program i can promote. Below is the email screen shot from the representative at eBay Singapore (Name and contact has been blanked out upon request):

So before i went down for a detailed discussion, i emailed the representative to get a rough idea on what is the eBay OnRamp Affiliate Program is about? See our email conversed below:

After his reply, i did consider going down for further discussion and i guess working with eBay Singapore can help boost my name as an eBay seller and get good discounts for my store and listing fees as well. I feel honored that they approached me and among so many sellers here, i’m glad i stand out among the crowd.

Lastly i will be posting up reviews of my product soon and those who have purchased can send me your reviews at I hope to hear all comments regarding my product from real people out there! Cheers!

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