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My Interview Is LIVE At!

Wow today i woke up to a surprise when i checked my emails over a cup of coffee. My interview with KC.Tan is LIVE! It’s on Facebook as well as on his site. I feel kinda happy and it makes my day! I hope that readers out there will find some motivation and insight after reading the interview. I like the way he phrases it ” Questions I Asked A 5-Figure eBay Powerseller- Connie Ong “ kinda in an honest cute way hahah. So guys go check out KC’s website now and you will find more gems in his blog posts than you ever imagine and it will only do you good!

Lastly add me and KC.Tan in Facebook too! Now i have to beat the rain and rush to post office again. Till my next post, take care people! Cheers! :-)

3 thoughts on “My Interview Is LIVE At!

  1. Hey Connie…

    Nice blog you have… i just drop by because i happen to see you in mybloglog.. haha

    So you are currently earning 5 figure a month from Ebay?

    Impressive… we all love the internet don’t we.. ha

  2. haha sure… maybe you can email me your MSN to my email that is attached together with the comments?

    We could have a little chat on MSN… :)

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