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Product Sourcing

I have a question from one of my readers Colin and this was what he wrote:

Hi Connie:
I am planning a china sourcing trip at the year end. Btw as for now, what local products can i buy in Singapore cheaply, to be sold on ebay for a larger profits? I have sold so far sewing patches bought from the army market. Is buying books for second hand bookstore and selling it on ebay a good idea? Thank for reading my message.

Ok so everyone knows that Ben has been planning a few sourcing trips here and there and Colin you can join the trip since you are learning under Ben. I believe you will reap a full basket of products from the trip and kick start your eBay business from there. If you ask me why i never went for the any of the trips since i knew about them? It’s cos Ben has  never invited me openly and also i think the price for the whole trip is kinda steep!

As for the kind of products you wanna buy from Singapore to sell overseas at a large profit, i suggest you to try those dollar stores which have wide variety of products. Chinatown has souvenir shops selling pretty stuff at 3 for $10. So you do your sums, research the demand for the kind of products on eBay and then pick the suited items and sell them. I believe you can sell them for more than 3 bucks and earn a profit if not double.

The army sewing patches thing was my idea. I started off my eBay business selling a variety of these items ranging from badges to commemorative pins, sew on patches etc……military stuff …….as i have friends in the SAF helping me get the stuff. Not solely beach road alone. I didn’t know Ben still uses this idea to share with his students GOSH!!! As for the second hand books idea, i guess you have to ask Ben himself. He started off his eBay business that way so he should know better. I believe anything can sell on eBay, just that whether or not you can make a decent profit out of the sale or just plain getting rid of old unwanted items.

Just remember ” One man’s junk is another man’s treasure”. I hope the above answers your question and good luck in your eBay business Colin. Feel free to ask me any questions again and i will try my best to answer. Cheers!

13 thoughts on “Product Sourcing

  1. Have you thought about selling books on ebay or somewhere else? I’ve actually made a pretty successful business doing just that. You can find cheap books just about anywhere that sell for tens or hundreds online!

    – Adam

  2. Thank connie for your feedback. Ben is a great teacher. Glad to to be able to learn under him. I guess i told myself i want to be a successful in ebayer too. So i told myself i must work very hard. Never to give up.

  3. Will be going down this week to chinatown to buy some t-shirts, postcards and sounveirs to sell on ebay. Just hope it will be sucessful. Just wish me luck. Btw just to check how many feedback must i have before i can choose the number of quantity for the items i am selling? This is because all my listing now only can insert quantity as one. Thank you and have a blessed week

  4. Hi Colin,

    You need to have 20 feedbacks before you can open an eBay store and listing fees in the store is much cheaper compared to auction items. Furthermore you can list more things in your store too! Meanwhile work hard at getting your first 20 feedbacks! Good luck ya!

  5. Hey Conie,

    just don’t go down during the fairs, specifically October.

    keep up the good work! Just know that there will be niches that fail, but others that succeed. I think you got the general direction correct.

    Just get stuffs and sell. If it works, great. If it doesn’t, move on.

    I’ve seen so many people in eBay or IM, so afraid of starting something. They think must suceed on first attempt and want to get everything right on first try. Well, that doesn’t happen.

    long time never catch up with you liao, prob go KTV again with aloysius, dominic & victor hor? :)

    Ming Chern

  6. Hi Ming Chern,

    Sure! I would love to catch up with you guys! Let’s arrange a KTV session one of these days. Really miss the last time of crazy singing hahaha

  7. I would like to join you guys for KTV too Ha Ha ! Btw Connie, sorry i got one more question. I did some research and i decided to go into the sounveirs niche. This include things like singapore postcards, merlion and fridge magnets The shop i went to is at peninsula plaza and people park complex. Btw do you know of any other shop in chinatown that i can take a look? I am afraid i may miss out any good shops that sell cheap things. I must find more products, because i only can go sourcing trip at the year end, so at the moment i must go every corner of singapore to find good and cheap sounveirs product. Thanks so much.

  8. Hi Connie,

    I got to know your blog from KC. Wanted to attend but was busy doing work for someone and could not go as I have to take care of baby.

    I attended Ben’s workshop in Febuary this year too. Was so enthusiastic and hopeful that this eBay thing and online retail is gonna work for me, was gonna pop soon. Thought that I could manage this online retail business at home and was sooo excited.

    But after working hard for a few months from the begining of the year through giving birth and confinement, I set up a store. Was so excited when I made the first few sales. But it has been slow and I realised that it was so slow, I slowly stopped doing much on eBay. Started to doubt whether this is gonna work. Eventually I stopped my US eBay store and switched to Singapore eBay store.

    Now I am motivated again by the kind of good results you can get within such a short while. And reading about what Ming Chern commented here that some niches work and others don’t , and if they don’t, move on.. Think I am gonna try again.

    Ops, sorry to bore you with my grumble. Just wanna thank you , Connie and MIng Chern for motivating again! Hope to have success story to share on your blog soon.

  9. Hi Jean,
    Thanks for dropping by. You gotta keep going as once you stop, everything stops. 😛
    Take small steps at the comfort of your pace and you will see that you still achieve results. Good luck and all the best!

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