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Weekend Fun & Results On My Experiment

Last friday was a blast as i joined the IM gang for a session of ktv at PartyWorld Tanjong Pagar. It was a social networking session with some new friends joining us. Overall it was fun and we sang our hearts out with some funny dance movements. Should have taken pictures instead but no one brought cameras.

Ok a few people asked me about my experiment and wanted me to share the results and how i did it. So i shall not be selfish and talk a little about what i did even though it is not yet a full fledge system yet. The steps i took and my current results below:

1. Get a eBay account
This is optional unless you are selling things on eBay then you will need a eBay account. For this experiment i use eBay so i have a eBay account.

2. Get a Paypal account
I strongly recommend you to have a Paypal account as it is an important aspect to your online business. You will need it to receive payments for your affiliate commissions as well as your direct earnings if you are a merchant selling online. You can easily use Paypal as a payment agent for online transactions.

3. Get your products ready
You have to decide what products you wanna sell to the market. Have that ready in digital format like an ebook. You can also sell products with Resell Rights. There are so many in the market. The purpose is not to profit from the frontend sale but we target at backend selling. I sell digital comics on eBay in this experiment. Beautify the product by adding in affiliate links into the ebook. (Only possible when you create your own as products with resell rights often do not allow you to amend anything) Load up the products to eBay and put a cheap price ($0.01 to $1.00 range is good) Preferably have both Auction listings and Store listings for your products. Start to see traffic coming in as auction listings are live and your products will be seen by searchers. Products in store also will have some traffic as people do search for new stores in eBay.

4. Collect leads from eBay sales
I got sales right from the first day i loaded up my products (from eBay). So as you know you will get a notice of sale from eBay to your account as well as credits in your Paypal account. So from the payment details of the buyer you will have their email address. Compile a list of these emails as they are your leads. They have purchased from you and are considered your customers. They are also targeted customers as they have taken interest in your niche products before buying them. Keep the leads in a separate file (use Microsoft Words or Excel to save them) Do this as you get your daily sales.

5. Sales from affiliate links
As mentioned, i had inserted my affiliate links for other programs inside my comics before selling them on eBay. So from the eBay sales the buyers may have taken an interest in my links recommendation in the ebook and click to the affiliate program to sign up. From there i make another commission! Woohoo! So subsequently there were sales from backend on and off.

So that’s the basic steps so far and as days went by i have accumulated a list of over 100 people from a 10 days period and i would say this is not bad for an experimental try. Morever i have gotten a couple of hundreds extra from the backend selling using affiliate links inserted in my products. Sounds easy? It is actually so! Thanks to dearest Ben for teaching me this method. Now i can apply it in another niche and repeat it again and again. Why don’t you try it out and let me know how it has worked for you? I will be happy to hear all good and bad comments from you for further improvement.

I will be working on more backend sales using another method and should foresee much better results. Then after that i will write about it again. Wow what a long post this is! I’m out of here! Till later…………

11 thoughts on “Weekend Fun & Results On My Experiment

  1. Forget to ask, which software you use to edit pdf ebook ? would mind sharing ? ^_^ I’m new to this and yet to earn $ hehe… Thanks for the Tips

  2. Hi Myo
    I use primopdf it’s free! Try it out. All the best to you if you work on it you will see results! Cheers! :)

  3. Hi Connie, found your blog through internetmarketingsingapore forum. I think I may have seen you at the last subscriber’s night too but did not really have the chance to speak to you. Your blog, especially this post is really a refreshing idea. I never expected that you can get leads in this manner. I have bookmark your blog, great information and can hear some of your “happening” outings with the millionaires.

  4. Hi Andrew

    Thanks for the comment hee i hope we will have a chance to talk at the next subscribers meeting. Glad that you like my site. Visit again soon! Cheers :)

  5. Hi Connie,

    this tactic of collecting emails is not without danger. By right the people who have bought your book for say 99 cents have not opted into your mailing list. This means that, when you email them for any ‘upsell’ you actually spam them.

    If you collect emails without the permission of the email owner you are in violation of the CAN-Spam act as well as local (Singapore) regulations that just came into effect.

    You may want to re-design the way you obtain emails, i.e. by using a squeeze page before the actual product delivery or something like that.

    Good luck, Frank

  6. Thanks for pointing out this to me Frank.
    I did thought of the SPAM issue and honestly i haven tried to sell these people anything yet. Maybe i’ll try to get them to opt in somewhere and then sell them from there.
    P.S. Wow didn’t know you read my blog! Hee hee 😀

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