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My Birthday Special And Happy Halloween!

Wow another year has gone and today i wanna wish myself a Happy Birthday and also a Happy Halloween to all my readers! I have been busy targeting Christmas sales and it’s always not too early to get started. I am happy that things are picking up quite a bit and i also have new ventures coming my way. Even so i had been working today on my birthday to get some work stuff sorted. So as my birthday special, i would like to announce to you with excitement that i will be conducting my very first eBay workshop in collaboration with my good friend and business partner KC.Tan from Websprout Consulting.

Now here’s your chance to pick my brains on eBay selling! Although you may think that selling on eBay is relatively easy, there are so many hidden strategies and ongoings behind the scene of the business. I wanna share them with you and help you succeed too! This workshop will be a no hold, bare all event and you will learn all about eBay selling and the secrets i use for the business! I will also share with you one important part of the business which is product sourcing! I believe this is something that all sellers are interested in and i will cover it in the workshop.

So why should you learn from me? I am proud to announce that i am a qualified eBay educator as approved by eBay Singapore and eBay has provided me with official training materials for the teaching. You can be sure that the workshop will be worth every cents you paid for. Okay i don’t wanna sound too full of myself cos back to reality, i am just a normal person like you.  Perhaps just on my birthday i can be a little proud of myself just for one day Lol! =P So if you are interested in the upcoming eBay workshop conducted by KC and me, please check out the details here:

Seats are limited so please act fast! For any questions, you can email me at and i will address your queries from there. Hope to see you at the workshop! Happy Halloween guys!

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