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Moving On……Be Strong

Today is Singapore’s National Day. I woke up early to try to get something done. I have been putting off everything for the past 2 weeks and it’s just not right.

I have decided to cheer up and be strong and positive.

I have decided not to impose my sadness on others.

I have decided to get back to doing my normal stuff.

I have decided to live and treasure every moment and all the time spend with my family with joy from now on.

I am strong….. I will be able to do it.


Was clearing up my mailbox when i saw some old emails dated back to last year….. kinda astounded how fast time has passed. One of my first earnings online back then. Just for the fun of it i decided to paste the screenshots here. I earned that money referring The Death Of Adsense report by Mike Filsaime who is one of the gurus in Internet Marketing. This is real and i guess it serves as a motivation for me as well as everyone online to keep on pursuing that goal.


USD125.00! That’s about SGD187.00! Well for a start it’s not a bad sum of earnings.


5 thoughts on “Moving On……Be Strong

  1. wow, that screenshot looks great, haha.guess because i’ve not experienced it yet but hope to follow suit soon.

    Great to see you back on track!

  2. Hi connie, I got my first cheque this month. And I don’t know what to do. Could you post a step by step procedure to clearing cheque ? Or could you mail me? ^_^ you promised me you will help me at ewealth forum remember?

    Thanks & Regards,

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