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Something Random

Chinese New Year is not even here yet and i have had some bad luck. Lost a bunch of hair when i had a comb accident, then pulled my hamstring while playing in bowling league. Now having walking problem…. hopefully all the bad luck will go away with the approaching Chinese New Year. Sales have been pretty consistent yet but i guess i will have to push it further after the holidays. No mood to do anything now and practically handicapped moving around. I guess i can afford to be lazy for a while hee…..

4 thoughts on “Something Random

  1. Hi Connie,

    I happened to stumbled into your interesting blog while googling on IM, eBay, etc.

    Actually, I’m contemplating to quit from my job and go full time into IM. To avoid spreading myself too thin, I would focus on Affiliating Marketing (PPC/SEM) and perhaps Article Marketing (SEO). I would venture into other areas of IM only after I’ve successfully made $$$ from Affiliate/Article Marketing.

    To avoid any “credit crunch”, I have set aside my living expenses/expenditure for the next 2 years or so, and a 5-figure capital to fund my initial startup for my IM venture and any other related capital expenditure like extra laptop, etc. if necessary.

    What’s your advice and opinion, based on your own experience? If one were to study and practise religiously, do you think is it viable to make $$$ within a year’s time? Thanks in advance for your time! :)


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