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Helping Out As Facilitator For Internet Marketing Academy

It’s friday again! Tonight i will be going to the Night Safari with my colleagues for my company’s outing. Will be spending my time with flurry animals tonight. For tomorrow and sunday i will be helping out at IMA as a facilitator. Conversation below:

MC: Hey Connie, u free this weekend? Wanna help facilitate our IMA two days workshop?

ME: Wow hee hee i dun mind but what do i need to do? Cos if they ask questions i dunno how to answer then die hee hee.

MC: Aiyah u sure know one…It’s practice time. So i count u in ah.

ME: Stuart ask me to help ah? or you ask one?

MC: 2 days at AKLTG. We are looking for facilitators mah, your name pop up first.

ME: Wow so honoured hee ok lo see you sat and sun!

I wonder how the whole thing will go? Hopefully i will be able to help those who are new at Internet Marketing at the workshop. I will take the opportunity to refresh myself too for the basic stuff. I believe that it will be a very fulfilling weekend! Can’t wait!

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