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I’m Awarded As An Expert Author!

Got an email from EzinesArticles telling me that i have been awarded Expert Author status from the submission of my article! Strange enough it must be good? Lolz cos i dun really believe that by submitting only one article will make me an expert….. or is it that they just give the award to anyone who send in an article? I have no idea at all hahah. Nevertheless this is a good news to perk up my mood for this coming weekend.

Ok so the fact is that i have submitted some other articles to some other sites but not So i had the thought of just trying out for this one and bingo i become an Expert Author! Hahah really wanna laugh! But i guess i write ok….. so giving benefit of the doubt i should be proud of myself hee. You can view the article which helped me attained Expert Author status here: Connie Ong – Expert Author

Feel free to leave me your comments on the article and publish it for your use as well. I’m out of here!

5 thoughts on “I’m Awarded As An Expert Author!

  1. Hi Connie, I just read your article. Found that it was pretty effective and it was viewed 26 times already.

    Just one question, why do you write about backpain but refer it back to this blog, which is more to an internet marketing niche. Would it not be better to have the article to refer to, maybe a blog about back pain that you can create?

  2. Thanks KC! I will work towards Platinum level as i write. :)

    Hi Andrew, i have not set up a site on back pain yet. i guess you are right i should have done it in a different way. Thanks for the tips! 😀

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