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Bigger Achievements And Interview Coming Up!

Hi guys, i know i left this blog empty for a pretty long time. Well….as usual am busy with stuff. Thank you all for the birthday wishes on Facebook on Halloween. I really appreciate it. Nothing really special this year as you know i’m not getting any younger hee hee so no point celebrating. I am currently exploring some new channels and perhaps i will be doing up something soon.

By the way my friend KC.Tan from approached me to do an interview with him and well i felt honored cos it’s my first actual interview really. So i hope he post up the interview soon and you guys can go read it. I am just a simple Singaporean gal working hard to achieve a decent living online and it is real life true example of how you can really earn a living online. So below i share with you guys again my increasing earnings to date.


This is from one of my eBay accounts and in the month of Oct 2008 i managed to clock a total of SGD6,152.05. Not too bad as there was an improvement from Sep 2008.


This screenshot shows the total earnings in Sep and Oct 2008 as eBay wouldn’t allow me to check for Sep 2008 alone as they only have previous one month’s records and the rest are by days. So taking a whooping SGD10,135.63 minus SGD6,152.05, i made SGD3,983.58 in Sep 2008!!! That means my Oct sales kinda doubled in earnings!!! WOW!!! So i am looking forward to achieving my 5 figures monthly soon as i predict the coming holiday season will boost up some sales as people still buy presents and stuff. And people this is one of my accounts only and i have 5 eBay accounts selling different stuff. Adding up a bit here and there, i do believe that to do 5 figures in 3 months time is totally achievable. It can be done and you have to believe it!

So i hope you guys will be encouraged to take some action and let tomorrow being a Monday kick start your online earnings! Have a great week people and dun miss the chance of profiting from the coming holiday season!

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