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A Surprise Thank You Card From USA?

Today i had a surprise when i opened up the letter box. I got a card from KC Tan and i thought it was too early to be receiving a birthday card for my birthday. When i saw the envelope, i was surprised to see that it was sent from Salt Lake City, USA! The stamp and everything tells the true isn’t it?

So i opened up the envelope and saw a big greeting saying You Are Awesome! Wow!

Inside the card, KC wrote a little thank you speech which really made my day! I was smiling as i read through the content. You are too kind KC! When i saw the photograph taken from his networking event with me as guest speaker, i was reminded of the nice experience i had at the event. (You can read the story here) Here’s what he wrote inside the card.

Thank you very much KC! I am sure we will catch up one of these days! Thank you for being my friend and your support for my business too! For those who wanna know more about KC.Tan, please visit his website at as well as his business site at for more information.

2 thoughts on “A Surprise Thank You Card From USA?

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