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Product Sourcing

I have a question from one of my readers Colin and this was what he wrote:

Hi Connie:
I am planning a china sourcing trip at the year end. Btw as for now, what local products can i buy in Singapore cheaply, to be sold on ebay for a larger profits? I have sold so far sewing patches bought from the army market. Is buying books for second hand bookstore and selling it on ebay a good idea? Thank for reading my message.

Ok so everyone knows that Ben has been planning a few sourcing trips here and there and Colin you can join the trip since you are learning under Ben. I believe you will reap a full basket of products from the trip and kick start your eBay business from there. If you ask me why i never went for the any of the trips since i knew about them? It’s cos Ben hasĀ  never invited me openly and also i think the price for the whole trip is kinda steep!

As for the kind of products you wanna buy from Singapore to sell overseas at a large profit, i suggest you to try those dollar stores which have wide variety of products. Chinatown has souvenir shops selling pretty stuff at 3 for $10. So you do your sums, research the demand for the kind of products on eBay and then pick the suited items and sell them. I believe you can sell them for more than 3 bucks and earn a profit if not double.

The army sewing patches thing was my idea. I started off my eBay business selling a variety of these items ranging from badges to commemorative pins, sew on patches etc……military stuff …….as i have friends in the SAF helping me get the stuff. Not solely beach road alone. I didn’t know Ben still uses this idea to share with his students GOSH!!! As for the second hand books idea, i guess you have to ask Ben himself. He started off his eBay business that way so he should know better. I believe anything can sell on eBay, just that whether or not you can make a decent profit out of the sale or just plain getting rid of old unwanted items.

Just remember ” One man’s junk is another man’s treasure”. I hope the above answers your question and good luck in your eBay business Colin. Feel free to ask me any questions again and i will try my best to answer. Cheers!

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