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New Month New Target

Wow at the blink of an eyelid it is already April! So wanna know my results for March 2007? Hahah ok don’t laugh….. i only managed to earn $50 and plus a few more cents in Adsense. This blog site is slightly more than 1 month old now and i can slowly see the increase in traffic. I feel that i have not taken much effort in improving the traffic though. Do you feel that sometimes you started on something and then tend to slow down after a while? Like losing steam? hmmm ok i think i shall resolute to update my performance every month so that i will be able to see my results and improvements. Of cos to this day i must say that it is definitely an improvement since Jumpstart Workshop. My first dollar shows that internet marketing does work and the only problem is how to breakthrough that first step and to slowly build up the online business.

With all the challenges i faced, especially when my laptop LCD screen gave up on me and to forcing myself to learn all those greek technical stuff (how to host up a web site, how to paste certain codes in the site, blah blah blah…) which was hard before i learnt them. Now it all seems much more easier and not to mention the joy i get when i see money appearing in my accounts hee hee.

What i have been doing in March :
1. Blog entries
2. Learning in forums
3. Building my new website for affiliate marketing

The 3rd one is especially hard when i dunno where to start and what to do. All the html codes makes me crazy! I took a long time and i am still working on it. I had the intention of finishing it over the weekend and upload it for the new month but after spending 11 hours on saturday and 7 hours on sunday (my weekend was gone just like that) ,staring at the computer for such a long time was starting to give me a headache and my eyes were going to pop out soon if i don’t stop. so i still couldn’t finish it. i hope i can get it all done by this week and start concentrating on promotion for the rest of april.

More research to be done and lots to learn! I’m out of here for now. Cheers!

8 thoughts on “New Month New Target

  1. Hi Connie

    I am Johnny from Singapore.

    Wow $50 per month for Adsense per site is good (at least to me)
    I am only able to max about $30 per months. I have received my first Google check a few months back, at least have somethings to drive me towards Adsense. But I still think affiliate is still easiler lor. Sell one item, is about a month from adsense :)

    Wish you the very best.

  2. Hi Johnny

    You have mistaken hee. My $50 was from affiliate marketing and not from adsense. My adsense is pathetic- only like over $1.00. I hope to increase further this month. :-)

  3. Hi Connie,

    Making $50+ in 1st month of Internet Marketing from scratch is a good achievement.

    Congratulations and all the best. :)


  4. Thanks Wai Leung!

    Hee i have to keep learning and putting things into action. Only with this then i’ll be able to improve. :)

    Thanks for the encouragement! 😉

  5. $50 is “big” money relative to the peanuts I have earned from AdSense from December 2006 (when I started blogging) todate. I’ve been tempted many times to take out all my ads to clean up my site. However, I read somewhere that the ads help in improving PageRank. Would you know if that is true? As soon as I’m sure it won’t help, I’ll sweep away all those ads that, sad to say, really clutter the blog for nothing.

  6. Hi Rex & Sarzi

    Thanks for the encouragements.

    Well i suppose by having a SEO template helps? My Adsense is also pathetic and slow…but im still trying. At least if you are making money then you should leave them. :)

  7. Well, admittedly, I have to wrestle with a learning curve in blogging. I’m not sure about some of my impressions so far but I seem to be having a feel now for what would tick and what would not. Good example: I experimented with a dog blog (using my dog as blog author, so he is the one talking in the blog–see out of the sheer fun of blogging behind an “alias”. Do you know that my dog blog now, which I started much later, has a Google PageRank of 5 (!) while my Investment Banker blog which I write seriously, because I sign my name to it, has a PR of only 2? Outrageous, you say? You bet! It’s almost an insult to one’s intelligence but it’s true.

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